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Outdoor Interlaken awards agreement

Welcome to the heart of adventure! We’re thrilled you want to capture your experiences and share it with us.

Please read through the agreement carefully. It is a binding agreement between you and Outdoor Interlaken.

By posting and tagging #getbusyliving and @outdoorinterlaken or submitting your YouTube clip to us, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement.

Outdoor Interlaken acknowledges that you own the rights to the content you are posting. You agree that you have full title and ownership of the content you are submitting. This includes all audio and visual aspects of the content.

You give Outdoor Interlaken and its partners the license to include, exhibit, display, reproduce or distribute your content for any and all purposes, including commercial purposes. This includes but not limited to the promotion and advertising of Outdoor Interlaken and it’s partners.

Tagging your content does not guarantee that Outdoor Interlaken will publish or otherwise use the content. Outdoor Interlaken may also use your content, without further approval by you. Furthermore, not all content used by Outdoor Interlaken and its partners is eligible for compensation.

Outdoor Interlaken will from time to time select content that is eligible for ‘cash-back’. It is at the sole discretion of Outdoor Interlaken as to who is eligible to receive compensation. Cash-back refers to the amount paid to participate in the activity featured in your post. If your post was on a guided trip, the amount you paid for the tour seat is eligible for a refund. If your post was from a ski day, the ski rental costs are eligible for a refund. Cash-back is valid for ONE (1) person and ONE (1) trip only. If your video or photo features multiple trips, we will take an average of each trip featured. Trip cost does not include any "add-ons" such as photo and video packages. If you didn't participate in one of our trips and still want to enter, you can! Compensation would then be in the form of a voucher for one of our activities.

Payments will be made within 60 days of receipt of your payment details. Outdoor Interlaken will make contact with you with directions on how to receive your compensation. We will make 3 attempts over a 60 day period to request your payment details in order to fulfil payment for your content.

Limitation of liability:
In no event will Outdoor Interlaken be liable for any incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising from or related to this agreement or Outdoor Interlaken’s use of the content submitted. Furthermore, Outdoor Interlaken’s liability to you is limited to the amount paid for “compensation” of a winning submission.

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