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Outdoor is the world’s leading adventure tour company. We offer a huge variety of activities from relaxed to full-on action-packed.

The #outdoorswitzerland campaign is all about engaging with like-minded people who are travelling to Switzerland and looking for new experiences.

We are looking to bring more awareness to outdoor adventure and in particular the activities we offer here in Interlaken, Switzerland.

If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Spread the word

We ask that you engage your audience and encourage them to try one of Outdoor's activities.

Although not entirely necessary, we would recommend you try one or more of the activities.

We are open to discussing what will work best for your audience and ours, so this is a rough guideline to set expectations.

Potential methods of engagement:

  • Instagram


    + Post 2-3 photos using, #outdoorswitzerland

  • Youtube

    Subscribe to /outdoorinterlaken

    + Include footage of activity

    + Credit @outdoorinterlaken

    + Link to website & YouTube channel in description

  • Blog

    + Minimum 500-word post on your own blog and promoted via your regular channels.

    + Topic ideas to be discussed

    + Include 2-3 key points provided by Outdoor Interlaken

  • Facebook

    Like  /outdoorinterlaken

    + 1 post per day using @outdoorinterlaken & #getbusyliving

  • TikTok

    Follow  @outdoorinterlaken

    + 1 post per day using @outdoorinterlaken & #getbusyliving

  • Twitter

    Follow @outdoorinterlak

    + 2 posts per day using @outdoorinterlak & #getbusyliving

  • Pinterest

    Follow @outdoorinterlak

    + Post some key images linking back to more info.

    + Tag @outdoorinterlak